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BLC is large enough to manage your projects and small enough to welcome your business.

Bobby Lashley Corporation offers our clients anything from an emergency repair to a turn-key new construction project. We are able to mobilize equipment and personnel quickly and travel the distance to ensure you get the job done right in a timely manner.

Our project managers work within your custom refractory system needs from planning, consulting, materials, construction, demolition and maintenance, as well as for all your modular system needs.

Our installation methods include casting, ramming, brickwork, coating, ceramic fiber systems, spray-on installations and more.

Call us today (770-516-3414 ) for us to oversee and carry out all your refractory needs!

Why Choose BLC...

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Our main office is in Woodstock, Georgia. We have designed and installed projects world wide, from United States to Malaysia. We have completed and maintained projects for many of the major companies around the world. We believe in quality workmanship performed by experienced project managers, expert engineers, highly trained installers, and skilled craftsmen. Our team has consistently been the best in the industry, producing top of the line furnaces and specialized products and services.

BLC Fire Bricks

BLC has earned a reputation of excellence and has created a dedicated highly qualified team who is committed to providing unparalleled service to our clients worldwide. We service our clients with our renowned advice and reliable products that translate into quality project designs. Additionally, we provide thorough testing and maintenance to take care of all your project refractory needs.

You will find our core company values include honesty, integrity, and high priority to safety in all of our engineering, project management and services.

Services Overview

BLC Wire IntegrationBLC will fulfill all of your project management needs, including service on proprietary systems. Our services cover a complete range of refractory, acid resistant and fireproofing needs including: design and engineering, quality installation, materials, maintenance, repair, demolition, dry out services, testing, failure analysis, thermo-mechanical calculations, training, logistical, quality control monitoring, and operational support. We place a high emphasis on your time sensitive needs. Additionally, BLC also applies the latest most effective technology to maintain your projects long term optimal performance.

Refractory Construction

BLC Fire ControlAll your needs are covered with BLC. Our project managers examine your custom refractory system needs. Our installation methods include casting, ramming, brickwork, coating, ceramic fiber systems, spray-on installations and more. When demolition is required we will skillfully and carefully demolish items to provide a clean slate to install your new project while applying the most advance technology within your budget, always considering your time restraints. Call us today for us to oversee and carry out all your refractory needs!

Company History

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Bobby Lashley Corp. (BLC), is a complete refractory service company. BLC was founded in 1992. Its founder and CEO is Bobby Lashley has over 35 years of experience in the refractory industry around the world. Bobby has applied his expertise to gather the best team for every aspect of BLC’s projects. Bobby still works in the field and you may even see him on your site!

Here at BLC we stay ahead of the industry by implementing new technology in both our design and materials to receive the best performance using the most cost effective means. We project continuous growth as the demand for refractories increases. We are currently servicing numerous companies throughout the world, with services ranging from complete refractory designs to continuous maintenance.

Mission Statement

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Our mission at BLC is to service our clients with all of their refractory needs. We build strong trusting relationships with our clients, as well as our suppliers. We believe in applying the latest technology to that allows our clients to receive the best return on investment while staying competitive. We also take care of our staff so as a team we can excel. You will find our staff , including our CEO, engineers and support staff all have one goal in mind: to give exceptional quality in both products and services, while maintaining impeccable safety standards.

Safety Matters

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Our company places safety within our organization at the top of our priority list. We provide our team with safety training and continuous education on maintaining safety and accident prevention. We place our employees and customers safety first. We understand and apply safety procedures throughout our projects. Our high standards safety record reflects this priority. This allows your company to have confidence in BLC as we manage your project.

BLC also continually trains on new types of refractory applications, products, and designs. We make sure our team is trained on the most effective and safest installation practices for each application.

Know that we are committed to safety!

ISNetworld ISNetworld collects contractor information, verifies compliance with internal and regulatory requirements, and then connects organizations with these safe, reliable third-party resources. ISNetworld also enables contractors to efficiently manage employee training and recordkeeping requirements.

BLC has met all the requirements and maintains a score of 100% with ISNetworld.
United Safety Council The United Safety Council is a non-profit, non-government safety training organization that promotes safety in every phase of American life: in the homes, schools, businesses, commercial and industrial facilities, and on the roads and highways.

BLC takes pride in supporting organizations that are committed to reducing preventable injuries and deaths by developing and distributing world-class safety and heath programs, training, and products.

National Safety Council Proud Member of:

The National Safety Council: A nonprofit organization whose mission is to save lives by preventing injuries and deaths at work, in homes and communities and on the road through leadership, research, education and advocacy.
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BROWZ: Providing the value-added service of collecting, verifying and tracking supplier responses and supporting documentation. Users access this information via the Internet using patented, web-based content management technology resulting in cost savings, reduced operational risk, and improved business performance.

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